Carnivore BBQ Sauce

Carnivore BBQ Sauce ensures a great tasting meal.  Here are some recipes to help your next Carnivore meal become a sure hit. Please send us your recipes and we'll add them to our website for everyone to enjoy.  Treat your meat by going Carnivore!   
Carnivore Mini Meatloaf

2 mini muffin pans

3lbs   lean ground beef

1lb    bulk sausage

8oz of Carnivore BBQ sauce Robust + some for topping

½ lb extra sharp cheddar cheese

1 egg (beaten)

Splash of milk

1 finely chopped green pepper

1finely chopped yellow pepper

8oz of finely chopped fresh mushrooms

2 tblspns of onion powder or dehydrated onions (crushed)

Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Thyme (to taste)

Combine all ingredients together and mix thoroughly with hands. Do not overwork or the meatloaf will be tough. Take meat mixture and press into cups of the mini muffin pan.

Top mini loafs with Carnivore BBQ sauce Robust, and place in egg, 350F indirect. Cook until internal temp is 160F, about 15-20 mins.   Enjoy!


 New!!!    Carnivore BBQ Salsa

1 bottle of Carnivore BBQ Sauce (Chipotle, Robust or Sweet)

4 poblano peppers

3 red onions peeled cored and sliced thick

1 20oz can of diced tomatoes, drained

Cilantro to taste( I like a clump)

1) Roast poblanoes until skin blisters, then peel, seed and dice.

2) Grill onion slices until slightly charred, and chop.

3) Add peppers, onions, tomatoes, and Carnivore BBQ sauce to bowl and mix.
4) Add cilantro to taste. Enjoy!


Carnivore Turkey Wings

Turkey wings
Carnivore rub
Carnivore BBQ Sauce

 Separate turkey wings into 3 parts. Discard wing tips or save for stock. Liberally dust wings with Carnivore rub and let sit , uncovered in refrigerator, while starting fire. Wings can be dusted the day before and left uncovered in refrigerator on plate to catch juices from skin, this will result in crispier skin. Start fire, and oil grid to prevent sticking.  Cook wings indirect, until just about done. Brush Carnivore BBQ Sauce onto both sides and cook onto wing. Pull wings when sauce is thick and glistening. Enjoy!


Carnivore Grilled Jumbo Shrimp

1lb. of Jumbo Shrimp, peeled and deveined.
1lb. thin sliced bacon,  to wrap each shrimp.
2 Tablespoons of  Carnivore dry rub.
6 Tablespoons of Carnivore BBQ Sauce
tooth picks or bamboo skewers soaked in water.

Start by rendering the slices of bacon . (By partially precooking the bacon, it will be more cooked and crispy at the finish).  Let the bacon cool and  sprinkle some Carnivore Dry Rub on the shrimp. Wrap the shrimp in the bacon and skewer, or secure bacon with toothpick. Cook direct at 325F. (If cooking direct over grill than flip often to avoid burning shrimp.) As shrimp begin to turn pink/orange, slather Carnivore BBQ sauce on liberally.  Cook until sauce thickens. Enjoy! 



Carnivore BBQ sauce& Pineapple Shrimp sautee
1 bottle of Carnivore BBQ Sauce
2lbs of shrimp(peeled and deveined)
1 can of pineapple (20oz)
1 tblespn of cornstarch.

Drain pineapple, reserving the juice. Pour  Carnivore BBQ Sauce into saute pan and heat until it starts to bubble. Immediately add shrimp, then add pineapple.Turn shrimp as needed to cook. When Shrimp are cooked, remove shrimp and pineapple onto serving plate. Stir cornstarch into reserved pineapple juice.  Add reserved pineapple juice to sauce pan and stir until sauce thickens. Spoon sauce over shrimp and pineapple, garnish if  wanted. Enjoy!


Carnivore BBQ Sauce
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