Carnivore BBQ Sauce
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"I could drink this rocks!"
Sean Brock

Here are some of Sean's qualifications:
• Executive Chef, McCrady's Restaurant, Charleston
• Past Executive Chef, The Hermitage, Nashville
• 2008 James Beard nominee, Rising Star Chef of the Year
• Twice Featured on TV Food Network
• Winner, 2008 TV Food Network $10,000 live cooking competition, "America's Next Great Chef"
• Named Nashville's Best Chef by the Nashville Scene food critic, Kay West
• Prepared two dinners for the James Beard Foundation
• Prepared the annual national Relais and Chateaux dinner
• Named in 2006 by the Charleston Post & Courier as the Restaurant of the Year

"Just wanted to let you know that we LOVE the Carnivore BBQ sauce, especially on boneless chicken breasts on the grill.  We put it on the last 5-10 minutes, and it seals the meat so it is tender and juicy.  Will definitely buy more of this sauce in the future.  Thanks! "
Cheryl and John Coates 

"Just wanted to tell you a short story.  A couple weeks ago we used your Carnivore sauce on some baby backs.  It was great.  Then I used it on some chicken thighs - also great.  The next time I smoked some ribs I did them dry. 
My wife asked why I didn't sauce them.  I told her I was out of Carnivore sauce. She said, well if you are out of Carnivore sauce, you may as well not sauce the ribs and by the way, when are you going to get some more.  This is a first - a BBQ sauce that will get you points with your wife.  You have a mightyfine sauce my friend."
Frank Smith
Houma, LA.

"Carnivore is my go-to choice as a finishing sauce. It brings a bright, cherry-toned finish that I'm proud to serve and even happier to eat."
David Clark
Charleston, S.C.

"I really love this stuff.It has just the right mixture of spice and sweet. My wife and 5yr old son love it too(wahoo).It's hard to find a sauce that pleases the family like yours.Thanks man, it's awesome."
 Cumming, Ga.

"First tried the sauce as a dipping sauce with rib eye steaks. Me, wife,daughter ,& SIL; we all agree that it was the best we have used. Second and last ( cuz we ran out ) BBQ sauce on pork loin. Same results this time included people I work with."
James R. Miles ( milesofsmiles)

Gray Court, S.C.


"This is not your typical sticky, sweet BBQ sauce.  It has a terrific initial burst of flavors with a lingering finish that is unlike any sauce I’ve ever tried.  It works well as a baste and as a finishing sauce.  I have found a new favorite."
Rod Fortune
Buford, GA

"Carnivore Q has the perfect balance of sweetness, tanginess, and pepper. It
works equally as well on pulled beef as it does on ribs. Send more, please!"
M. Beer
Arnold, Md.

I feel truly honored to have been selected as one of the fortunate first few to have sampled the Carnivore “Que” Barbecue Sauces.

As an avid barbecue enthusiast, I have tried many varieties of sauce and have never been as thrilled with anything else as I am with this recipe.

The “Carnivore BBQ Sauce” is tangy, not too sweet and has a thinner texture than most sauces I have used. The texture is perfect for use on a barbecue or grill. It adds a perfect flavor coating without getting in the way of the taste of the food being cooked.

As a hot sauce collector and user, I was delighted to try the Carnivore “Hot”. This sauce has a serious heat without sacrificing its flavor. The heat lingers on the palate for some time yet does not taste of one chili variety. I can’t even guess the chili varieties in it but it does carry the essence of smoked chilies.
I hope this product is more widely available in the near future and as soon as it is it will be my go to sauce for all barbecue and grilling.
Steve Nelson
Caledon, Ontario,

This is the best sauce I have EVER tasted! It is perfect on any meat but I found a very unique application as well. I heat up chicken, covered with Carnivore Sauce and add it to a bowl of lettuce & fixins. It makes the best warm salad topper you will ever eat! Keep up the GREAT work!
gala Tray
Conyers, GA

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