About Us


The memory of barbequeing and grilling takes me back to my childhood. I can still remember Dad cooking on an old red and black open grill that looked like a metal garbage can lid balanced on a tripod. I remember pouring out the charcoal and having to stand back as my father doused the charcoal with lighter fluid, and then lit the blaze. After waiting for the fire to start, and the charcoal briquettes to turn gray, Dad would start to cook hamburgers and hot dogs, and even the occasional steak. I thought that it was so cool to be able to control an element like fire and actually cook with it.  Every once in a while, my father  would turn the food and sometimes wince as he fought the heat from the coals, and even lose some of the hair on his arm to a flare up.  But it was so cool! Yep, Barbequing was for me.

As I grew older, I went through several different types of cookers, from the disposable grills, hibachis, barrel smokers,  refrigerator smokers, gassers, rotisseries(both vertical and horizontal), trailer rigs, and even a couple of cookers shaped like an egg.

The one thing they all had in common, was they all produced good food if you used them right. And even though they all cooked differently and added their own attributes to the food, a good barbeque sauce was always a welcome addition to add to the flavor of the current cook.

Through the years I have tried hundreds, if not thousands of barbeque sauces.  Some were pretty good, but most lacked the ability to hold their own as a sauce, without overpowering the "que"  you were eating.  I was looking for that one sauce that had its own flavor base, but also tasted great whether it was cooked on the food or added after the food came off the fire.  It had to let the flavor of the food come through and still hold a notable spot that improved the overall taste of what ever was being cooked. The flavor couldn't taste too strongly of vinegar, tomatoes, or mustard. It couldn't be too spicy or too mild. It had to have a perfect blend of each of these things.

After years of trying, I finally developed a BBQ sauce I could be proud of.  Carnivore BBQ Sauce!  It's a sauce that most people can't get enough of. It enhances the food it's added to, and the flavor stands on its own. Carnivore BBQ Sauce is committed to delivering the best sauce, made with the finest ingredients.

 Customers agree... Carnivore BBQ Sauce is simply the best.